April 19, 2013

Pierre Calzadilla

Poptism_Pierre_cropPierre Calzadilla: I was lucky enough to have a dad who was there everyday, and later in life, to have relationships that have helped shape me as a father. However, I still have tons to learn. As I look around me, I see other men who lacked fathers and lack relationships to help them be better fathers. Sadder still, I see men abandoning their responsibilities as fathers.  I started Poptism because I saw a real need for relationships, training and help for fathers across all walks of life. Through Poptism, I want to create an organization that inspires men to be better dads, and encourage responsible fatherhood.

Personally, I made a decision years ago that made me an absentee father. However, I fight hard every day and week to stay connected to my son. Provide anything he needs and still play a very active role in his life. I hope that I can help other men not leave their children, and if they have to due to divorce, etc. That they at least stay present in their child’s lives regardless of distance or situation.

I hope to build an organization that will inspire men of all ages to be responsible fathers. Fathers that are present in their children’s daily lives. I also hope to build a community of men that will help each other learn and grow through friendships and mentoring.  I hope that Poptism can contribute to connecting fathers with their children, keeping fathers in their children’s lives and promoting responsible fatherhood.

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