Autism Speaks: I want to say…

Autism. Quite frankly the scariest word that could be uttered to a parent. The latest statistics show that 1 in 88 children are being diagnosed within the Autism spectrum. More than ever, education is needed to empower parents and take away the fear of this diagnosis. Amazing breakthroughs are occurring and children, that once were thought to “be empty” inside, are shown to be full of depth, genius and an amazing ability to communicate. What we often see expressed in an Autistic child may very well be the same frustration you would feel if your body and mouth did not do what you wanted to do. Just imagine that for a second. How angry would that make you? Then imagine everyone around you dismissing you and your thoughts, while you were perfectly coherent…. Watch this video and learn that Autism does speak and that these children have amazing ability that is just being unlocked and understood:

For more information, visit the Hope Technology school’s website.

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