May 1, 2013

events – paid & free tickets

IMG_20130601_121352_793The 2nd Annual Father’s Day
Poptism A’s Game:

What: Bring the kids to watch the Oakland A’s take on the Boston Red Sox

Save the Date – June 21st, 2014 starting at 11am

Oakland A’s Coliseum

Who: Dad’s and their kids (this should be a chance for the Dad/Stepdad/Adopted Dad/Mentor to connect with their child) If your significant other wants to come, this may not be the best event – but if they HAVE to go – then of course! 🙂 Hope that makes sense!


Game time is 1pm, but we are including 2 hours of all you can eat Miller hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, salad, Soda & water starting at 11AM.

Tickets and more details to come!


If you would like to apply for FREE tickets please complete the form below. Note that free tickets are not guaranteed and every application will be manually reviewed. Free tickets are designated for fathers, father-figures (uncles, mentors, etc) their family and children. Single parents are welcome too! We are giving them away on a needs basis.

How do I know if I qualify for free tickets?

Would you normally bring your kid(s) out to a ball game and not worry about cost? Then this is NOT for you.

You should apply for free tickets if:
– You avoid sporting events due to high costs of Tickets and food
– You have a limited, fixed budget that doesn’t afford for activities like this
– You have a job that doesn’t make ends meet
– Maybe you do bring one kid to a game, but you have 3 – well feel free to apply for free tix for your other 2 kids. (i.e. Partial pay)
– You don’t spend money on frivolous items
– there was no doubt in your mind that you qualify for free tix
– You receive public assistance (or barely don’t qualify)



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