Explaining Memorial Day to Kids

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I never really “remembered” Memorial Day. I am not saying that I callously went about having BBQ’s…. well wait, I did. I probably never gave it much thought and I am sure most of my fellow Americans do the same – especially if no one in your family has paid the ultimate price defending our Country. For that I am sorry to all the parents and family of our amazing military branches.

I have had family, cousins, friends in many conflicts/wars, luckily they have all returned. However, with the amount of destruction and death occurring over the past year, this Memorial Day is hitting my heart more than usual. The Boston Marathon, The British Soldier attacked and brutally murdered by terrorsits, countless deaths to IED’s in the Middle East and more senseless acts not worth mentioning.

Perhaps it is my maturity which has softened my perspective, or the fact that my nephew is now a Marine, or maybe that I have three boys of my own who could one day serve our Country. I am not too sure. Either way, I feel it differently this year. So I did some research, which I would like to share with you all:

Below are some great tips for remembering what Memorial Day means with your family from Military.com. I really like the positive aspects that they mention, such as baking cookies for a Veterans Hospital. They even provide links to some great resources for learning activities with kids and more:


Enjoy the day off – and definitely have the BBQ, enjoy the time with the kids. But try at least to mention why we have this day off. It will likely be hard for them to truly grasp and understand it if they are young. But it is a start.

Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Mothers, Daughters and Sisters have paid the ultimate price – their lives. Make sure you share what this day means with your children. Let’s not make it all about a BBQ! (like I usually have done).¬†Look for a local Memorial Day parade too – at least those that have fallen can be remembered.


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