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Bay Area hikes are great for the family

Minutes turn to days faster than I care to admit. So it goes with our little ones. My two older boys are five and two, and my baby is about to turn one.

Time truly flies.

I have a deep respect for time. It is completely and unapologetically uncontrollable. My respect for time demands that I make the most of it. We never know just when this ride will be over. To me, this is not a sad thing. No not at all – it is a gift. It forces us to respect and be thankful for the minutes we get to spend together.

As a dad, I cherish and protect the time I can get with my boys. One of my favorite past times is thinking about what we will do together and planning family adventures. My wife is a fan of this as well. Our big upcoming adventure is to Yosemite with my Mom, Dad wife and kids – I am counting the days.

But between the big adventures, I cherish “Dadurday” – i thought I made the word up, but it turns out people have used it before. Nevertheless, it’s meaning is the same  – Dad’s day is Saturday. So when a Dadurday approaches I think of what we can do to connect, engage and inspire my family. We have been through some lean times, so free stuff is preferred, but when we can splurge, I love doing something that will provide a lifetime of value.

So – I present to you a little digest of what we have done and what we love to do in San Francisco Bay Area. These Family activities are a blast! From my family to yours – we hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to add your own to our list in the comments.

In the meantime – join us for a San Francisco Bay Area Family Fun Day on June 1st with the Oakland A’s – tickets are 33% off and include all you can eat food for 2 hours pre-game!


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  • I loved this post! I’m going to steal your “Dadurday” for sure. I’m glad to see you and your family are well. Funny, I pulled your business card from the deep dark recesses of my desk on Monday where it has been sitting next to my keyboard. I randomly came across your post and it felt like it was meant to be. I will call you soon to reconnect.


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