Fatherhood isn’t always fun.

It is not always awesome – by PC

Heck, nothing is always fun really. But what is Poptism’s purpose? Frankly – to inspire fatherhood! So it’s my job to highlight the awesomeness of being a dad.

But I can tell you a little secret – it’s not always awesome. But that doesn’t mean that you walk away from your kid, or hit them in anger, or God forbid shake them.

I have been there – in that moment of “you exist because I allow it.” I have been super angry, at a baby crying at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am…

But what my anger boiled down to was one big word: Selfishness.

If you really stopped and thought – “why am I so mad?” You would realize that you are an adult mad at a child that knows one thing in life – “I need you for comfort and love“.

Think about it: As an adult, we know how to communicate, how to voice our opinion clearly, how to soothe ourselves (prayer/meditation), or sadly – medicate ourselves with wine to take the edge off. If you didn’t have those things, what would you do at 3am when you woke up from a dream scared and confused? Not only that – but you are likely unable to say what happened and know one thing, really clearly – “I WANT TO BE HUGGED NOW!”

And there you have a screaming baby/toddler/child that needs you for comfort at a god forsaken hour.

How exciting we must seem to them... we are tall, free, sing, read books, and have awesome toys. Everything from big, real cars to little phones that we pull out of our pockets and hand them to be astonished by. Then after a long day of being in awe of us, we rush them to bed to sit there and think about all the cool stuff they saw today. Little by little, they get more and more aware and they want to be in our lives, they want to know us – they desire to be near us. This is when they don’t want to go to sleep, or wake up freaked out and needing a hug.

And – what do we do? We get mad.

So sit on this thought for a moment the next time your kid is losing their mind and you want to just freak out – they love you a lot and they need you. You are the reason they are alive and they know that, and they love you for it. Even when you think they don’t. No one is out to get you or take away your peace and quiet, they just want love.

So while Fatherhood isn’t always fun – we are the adults and we need to dig deep and find the patience and logic to handle an impatient, illogical, little being that just loves us.


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