5 Things I love about fatherhood

Poptism_Pierre_cropBeing a dad is not all sugar and spice. I am definitely the first to admit that. The messes, the stubbed toes, diapers – dear God – the diapers… But is it all bad? No way. The last 5 years have been amazing. I would not trade the memories we have made for anything.

There are a lot of things I love about fatherhood, here are five of my favorites:

1) Watching them grow: I have three boys right now, 11 months, two and five. So I have a pretty wide spread of experiences. One just learning how to walk, one learning how to run, and one learning soccer. It’s pretty amazing seeing these little people grow up. They learn and grow, sounds turn to syllables, syllables into words and words into complete thoughts. I never knew the joy I would get from my little boys putting together phrases like: “Daddy, lets play”, “Follow me Daddy”, and of course “I love you daddy.”

2) The mess: Okay, at first I hated the mess. I hated bending over and picking up toys. Cleaning up – felt like punishment to me. But, somewhere along the line I started to look at these toys and the mess as proof that my boys are here.  Whenever I see the building blocks around the floor, or a new hot wheel on a shelf, I feel warm inside knowing that I have these awesome little boys in my life. Especially when it is quiet, and they are sleeping, the toys around the house remind me of the moments we get to play with them.

3) Stickers and art: I don’t think I really ever stopped loving stickers and drawing. Even before my boys came along I was layering stickers on my macbook and I still love to fill up sketchbooks. Now, stickers have whole new meaning. They are an award to commemorate a great potty time. They are a thank you for helping put away groceries, they are art, they are on my walls, cabinets and doors. They are awesome and everywhere. Watching my boys grab a marker, or crayon was nerve wracking at first. But now, they are drawing everywhere too – literally – and I love it.

4) Dadurday: After a full week of work, and only getting an hour or two a day together, Saturday arrives. It’s my day to play! I love watching cartoons together, drawing, playing with toys, having snack time, going on a hike, stroll on the beach, whatever. I think of Saturday’s before kids, and usually it was the day to recover from a Friday night party, sleep in, and sure we went out and did stuff, but it is really fulfilling to spend uninterrupted time with the boys.

5) Imagining their future: What will my boys grow up to be? Who will they influence? What will they love to do? I look at them and I get so excited wondering what paths they will take in life. It is amazing to think that they will be teens one day, with differing thoughts, we’ll get mad, we’ll make up. What will they care about most? What traits will they develop from me and their mom; what will be their own. Will they be a team – the Calzadilla boys? Who knows. But it is so exciting to see them develop and wonder where they will go.

How about you? What do you love about fatherhood?

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