Love – as defined by a dad.

dino_loveI love the way my little guys smile in the morning.
I love when they look up, arms stretched, reaching for me.
I love hugging them and knowing that love was the seed that made them possible.

I love the smile on all of our faces when someone is silly.
I love the sound of laughter and stomping feet through our house.
I love picking them up when they fall down.
I love making wrongs – right.
I love saying good night, good morning and hello.

I love seeing me and my family in their eyes, smirks, face, words and actions.
I love making things that you will enjoy.
I love taking you to out to explore nature and the world.
I love seeing you make your own discoveries.
I love teaching you things that will be with you forever.
I love seeing you grow and learn.
I love dreaming about your future – what kind of men you will all be.
I love the thought that one day, you will be a dad loving your kids even better than I loved you.
I love when you jump into bed to wake me up.
I love that you have a clean slate of life ahead of you – go for it.
I love when you cuddle in and get cozy on the couch.
I love tucking you in.
I love that you aren’t restricted by my reality.
I love how you inspire me.
I love when you teach me to love the moment.
I love – you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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