Make the time – 4 tips for busy parents

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Yes, we are busy. We have work, family events, church, new relationships and old. So much going on. But what is your priority? In 30 years will you look back and say, “I wish I spent more time working” or “I wish I spent more time loving my family”

You just have to make the time.

Here are some tips for busy parents, like me.

  1. Wake up earlier – Oh the horror! But why not wake up a little earlier and start the day eating together as a family? Talk, connect, prepare for the day and start with the right focus. Maybe you can’t do it everyday, I don’t – but at 3X a week I leave a little later so I can get quality time with the wife and kids. Example, I got to see my baby eat Bacon for the 1st time today! 
  2. Come home earlier – I work hard. But today’s technology let’s you work 24/7 from anywhere. I unplug and run home so I can be there before bedtime. Once the kids go down, I log back on for a bit, and still save time for my wife. Again, you don’t need to do this everyday, but how awesome would it be to surprise your family one day with an early arrival and a bucket of ice cream!
  3. Prioritize – What really matters? Do you work for your family or for yourself? What is the end goal? A happy family or paid bills? Can you have both? Typically the only scarifice you need to make, is yourself. But the payoff is huge. Huge hugs, kisses and laughs! Moments that you can never recreate, treasures you will cherish forever.
  4. Use Technology: Skype or Facetime for late nights in the office, why not? At least you can talk before bed. Travelling – do the same and read these tips.

Look I know it is tough. But how many years will you let go by before you stop and think about the impact that your absence has on your family? You may sleep under the same roof, but do you know your family? I know many people who are career focused, and it is admirable – heck I am. But I can’t lose sight of what really matters – the well being of my family and our connectedness.



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