April 12, 2013

mission statement

Poptism’s mission is to help inspire men of all ages to fulfill their responsibilities as fathers and to foster a sense of community among men from various socio-economic walks of life through educational and social events in Alameda County, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We want to help make a community where fathers are connected to their children and their children feel loved and inspired by their fathers. All funds given to Poptism will go towards providing three key things:

  1. Free and subsidized events, to encourage bonding time for dads and their kids, such as baseball games, trips to aquariums, zoos and other family friendly, educational opportunities across the Bay Area and beyond.
  2. Free and subsidized workshops for fathers, absentee fathers and fathers-to-be to promote responsible fatherhood. Workshops will also be free or subsidized and offered to local high schools and institutions where young men can be inspired. Topics will range from having a child with special needs to creating a family budget, preparing for fatherhood and beyond.
  3. Build a community of men, not defined by religion, race, income or location that all want to be better dads and want to build a community that will improve our immediate world, and the world we leave to our children.

Why “Poptism”?

Poptism is a belief, a value, a promise, a certainty, a movement. It is faith in the power of positive fatherhood. You feel it when a father first sees his child, or when they learn that they will first become dads, or later in life when their children graduate high school or college; that feeling is “poptism”. They are optimistic of their child’s future, and they will forever see their children as their babies regardless of their age. We also like to embody Poptism in sayings like: “Poptism #35: It is always okay to get dirty when you have fun!”

Poptism was started by an imperfect dad, in an imperfect world. He has a full-time job as a father of 3 boys, alongside his career in the tech industry. His oldest boy lives across the US in NYC and he is working hard on the long distance relationship. Locally, he has 2 boys with his wife and when he is not playing with them, or at work, he is spreading the important message of Poptism. You can learn more about him and the executive board here.

Poptism is an official 501c3 recognized charitable organization as of June 2014!  Currently donations are tax-deductible.

We want to thank Operative Words for donating their work to help us name Poptism. We also would like to thank the employees of Trulia for their early support to our vision. Finally we want to thank the Pops that are there everyday for their kids, for just trying to be Poptimistic!

-Pierre Calzadilla
Poptism Founder

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