Poptism’s 2nd Annual Baseball Game

Families enjoying the Poptism A's Event

Families enjoying the Poptism A’s Event

The reason we started Poptism was to bring families together, specifically dads and their kids. To help inspire men to be more connected and engaged fathers. The memories we create with our children are the one’s we will all cherish in future evenings as we recount the years gone by. Even longer then, when we are long gone, our children will remember glimpses of moments that were special in their youth. Like that time Stomper brought them a baseball, or that awesome all you can eat buffet, or the sweet toys that you got just for being a kid. Through events like this baseball game, we want to help make memories that bring the family together.

It’s hard in this world to raise a family, to stay together, to endure the challenges that life brings us from so many different directions. Bills, heartache, health, pain, love and loss will impact our families in some way shape and form. Some of the families today that joined us are going through difficult challenges, and we hope that today’s respite lightened the load for even just a few hours.

I witnessed families large and small today, dads, step-dads, uncles and friends out together laughing and making memories. Many thanked me, but I am not the one to thank. Thank you God for giving us the opportunity to bring some light out into the world. We hope it shines a little brighter today.

Go A’s! Check out photos on Poptism’s Facebook Page

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