Poptism’s 3rd Annual A’s Baseball Game For East Bay Families

A's Baseball Game

photo credit: Bryce Edwards

I am excited to announce that Poptism is bringing 40 Oakland/Bay Area families to our 3rd annual A’s Baseball game! Usually we do a much bigger group, sometimes up to 100. But since I bootstrap this non-profit I had limited resources this year. However, I feel even better about our event because of who is coming along.

This year we have mentors, teens, kids, dads, single moms and everything in between coming out to enjoy the game. We worked with two organizations to get these tickets distributed: The Lincoln Child Center (Project Permanence) and the amazing EOYDC. This year everyone going touches a life that Poptism.org wants to impact. Our mission is to inspire men to be engaged fathers – so why a free baseball game?

Easy. For the memories. To build bonds. To plant seeds.

You see, for the people that we reach out to, the luxury of a ball game, with food, a Jersey and a fireworks show with infield seats – is likely not going to happen very often in their lives – it’s too costly. My vision is that for just one moment a child can look at their father, mentor, or guardian and see more than just the person who feeds, guides, clothes them and pays the bills – or the child support.

Lofty I know, I know. But it is that simple. Dad’s are often relegated to second-class citizenship in broken or stressed households. Especially if they are not married, not living with the child, or a person who has made mistakes in their life. These circumstances can create a stigma for fathers that, “I am better off being away” or “My kid doesn’t need me” or worse yet, “my kid is better off without me”… but I hope that through a fun social setting we can create a moment where a dad can see his place in their child’s life.

I haven’t asked for donations in the 3 years I have done this. But this year I am. We are an official 501c3 and we need funds to keep running programs and events like this one. The cost of each ticket is $45 and that includes infield seats, an A’s pullover, $10 food credit at the stadium, Fireworks night and some more surprises. The tickets are all distributed already. All I am asking for is for you to sponsor some tickets – any amount. The total event costs us $1,800 if we received ninety $20 donations, or one $1,800 one we can do this again next year. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Contact me at Pierre@Poptism.org for information.

thanks! Stay tuned for pictures and click here and here for pictures and blogs from the past two years.



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